The experience of a lifetime. It really is something I will never forget.
— Anita, Dallas

Some of my favorite moments have been spending time with, and teaching the kids theatre and dance! I’ve been twice and I want to go back again!
— Nathaniel, Redding

I enjoyed visiting the villages the most. Even when we were to have a “rest period” for 2 days on a beach; I remember wanting to just spend that time with the orphans and kids instead.
— Christina, Vancouver

Kooman Travel led me on a totally transformative experience. I have found my passion because of the leadership and direction I found on this mission.
— Brent, Calgary

We were able to transfer creativity to the children, and through the camps in the village, kids learned that they are God’s precious children..
— Charlene, Red Deer

It’s funny to say this, but it’s a really selfish trip. You change so much and you know, it’s the experience of a lifetime. Everyone should do this. I’m telling you, take the leap of faith.
— Liam, Vancouver Island