Terms & Policies



Kooman Travel itineraries are reserved for a deposit of $199-399. To guarantee your spot on an itinerary, full payment is required. In some cases, your trip deposit can be transferred to another itinerary if their is still space available. Contact us at koomantravel@gmail.com for more info.


If for an unforeseen medical, family or personal reason I cannot travel, what is the cancellation policy?

  • If you choose to purchase our Deluxe Insurance Package for your Trip (the package we highly recommend), and you need to cancel for any reason that is covered by the policy, the covered cost of your Trip will be reimbursed to you in full.

  • If you do not choose Deluxe Insurance and have to cancel for any reason, the total trip payment will be required in full. This includes any flights or deposits that have already been purchased.

  • If you cancel before flights and other travel arrangements have been completed, only the Deposit of $199-399 is non-refundable.

*(We highly recommend our Deluxe Insurance Coverage for the best protection).


It is the responsibility of individual travellers or their guardians to ensure Kooman Travel has all the necessary health, dietary or medical information of individual travellers. Kooman Travel takes health and safety very seriously and will always do our best to ensure the wellbeing of our travellers. By travelling with Kooman Travel Inc. you agree to hold Kooman Travel and its owners, partners and associates harmless and free of claim in any case or incident. Medical coverage is required for all itineraries, and we highly recommend deluxe insurance coverage for all travellers. If you choose to use another insurance provider, proof of valid coverage is required.