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March 13-22, 2020


Support Startups in Nepal

Get ready to see the adventure capital of the world perhaps like no one else. You will take in beautiful and breathtaking landscapes while building relationships with the amazing people of Nepal. Support budding entrepreneurs as they startup small businesses, and learn about the challenges business people face in Nepal, while finding stories of those who have overcome challenges and found success.


starting from

$4,200 for 12 nights



Trip Leader

Paul Hansen

Paul had his first taste of the travel adventure at the young age of 16 when he said yes to an invitation to help out on a trip to India. Although he got completely lost in Bombay with no address to the hotel, almost got robbed and lost the camera he was using to capture the trip he never lost his passion for travel to Asia.

Paul has since visited 18 countries and spent three years living in Africa and India. Paul has a passion to capture the landscapes and people of Asia and a matching passion to contribute towards a brighter future for those caught in the crossfire of turbulent times in the regions he travels.



Kathmandu, Nepal

Nepal, officially the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, is a landlocked country in South Asia. It is located mainly in the Himalayas but also includes parts of the Indo-Gangetic Plain. With an estimated population of 26.4 million, it is 48th largest country by population and 93rd largest country by area.



Day 1

Arrive in Kathmandu, Nepal

Arrive in Kathmandu and check in to your guest house. Dinner and briefing - Your guide will inform you of the local customs, history of the village area you will be trekking in, show you the mapped out trekking route and go over a simple packing list. That was a long flight - Get some rest - you need it!

Day 2

Rise and shine traveler

To get some context we will take a justice tour in Kathmandu to learn about issues of justice in Nepal followed by a visit to Boudhanath Stupa and a wood fired pizza for dinner where we can have conversations around the activities and information of the day. Don't forget your camera this is a word heritage site!

Day 3

Business Ventures and Mystery dinners

Wake up slightly less jet lagged and order a breakfast from the cafe. Can someone say espresso? Afterwards, you’ll meet with your guide for a social business tour where you'll learn about some businesses that are tackling issues through their effective business ventures. Be careful - you might be inspired to do the same. Then a mystery dinner location for more conversations and processing of the days happenings.

Day 4 - 8

Home-stay trek - enjoy the landscape and beautiful people of Nepal as you get inside the culture and hearts of Nepali village life while having a positive impact. Bring your camera as you are going to want to capture moments and chase light. Your host Paul Hansen will be helping you develop your inner travel photographer.

Photograph Nepali Village Life

Day 9 - 12


Chitwan National park

After a seven hour drive, arrive in Chitwan and settle into your room and rest. In the afternoon take in the park with a jeep safari.  In the Evening learn about the Tharu people in their cultural program. Enjoy a deep sleep and in the morning learn about the wildlife of Nepal as you view them in their environment. Many of our groups take this time to debrief their trip and process some of the lessons and memories from their Nepal adventure.

Depart back to Kathmandu and fly out


Travel and explore Pokhara

Early in the morning you will be travelling to pokhara, either in a tourist bus or our SUV.In the afternoon, you'll arrive at your destination and freshen up before taking an afternoon boat ride on Phewa Lake. In the evening, you'll have a chance to enjoy the shops and atmosphere on Pokhara's famous Lakeside street.

Next Day
We'll wake up early in the morning to drive to the top of Sarangkot mountain to witness the sun rise over the Himalayas. Trust me this is epic! After that, we'll head back to the hotel for breakfast. Then you'll have your choice of paragliding or zip-lining. Either fly through the air over Pokhara where you can witness incredible views of the hills and mountains, or zip down the longest, steepest, and fastest zip line in the world. After completing your adventure, you'll have time to enjoy the mountain sights, relax in a cafe, or get a massage. Many of our groups take this time to debrief their trip and process some of the lessons and memories from their Nepal adventure.

Depart back to Kathmandu and fly out


Days 12 - 14


Kids of Nepal Project

Can't get enough of Nepal? Fly with us to the western region of Nepal on the border of India and spend two days hanging out and helping with Kids of Nepal Project. Mitra Nepal has taken in over a dozen children from the streets and their transformation will melt your heart (extra cost)





Although this is not a photography tour lucky for you your leader has been shooting travel photography for years across Asia and Africa and will assist you with whatever camera you have to capture and document your adventure to help you relive your experience over and over again. You will receive assistance getting over the tech hurdles of how to shoot with the camera you own or even your mobile phone (trust me that is plenty to capture your adventure with) and then you can start to dive in to the creative process of capturing how you see Nepal.



Ready to see the mountains?

starting from $4,200 for 12 to 14 nights

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