What is Kooman Travel all about?

At Kooman Travel, we believe in Transformative Travel. Travel presents adventurers with daily challenges and new experiences that have the power to shape them. Sometimes the best thing to do for yourself is to get out and explore this incredible planet. If you have a craving for adventure and a passion to connect with internationals…Kooman Travel is for you. We are seeking customers willing to share their passions, abilities and ‘soul’ with the unique people they encounter. Transformative Travel also means that whenever international travel connects us with someone in another location, change and growth begins with us.

Can I Arrange to Travel with a Team or Group?

Kooman Travel primarily arranges travel for Teams of 10 or more. We also pair individual travellers or couples with larger teams. Simply contact us to make arrangements: koomantravel@gmail.com

What About Passports?

Each traveler is 100% responsible for having a valid passport with at least six months to one year validity from the departure date of an itinerary (this is a requirement of some countries for entry). You will not be allowed entry into any country without this vital travel document. Take note of the application process and time required for new passports, as it often takes 8 to 12 weeks to receive a new passport.

What About Visas?

It is 100% the responsibility of you, the traveler, to ensure your visa requirements are met. Once you register for a trip, Kooman Travel will ensure you have all the necessary information for the visa requirements at your destination. For Tanzania itineraries, Visas are obtained upon arrival at the Airport with valid Passport and a $50 US entry fee, or in advance through your embassy for $60-100 USD depending on what country your passport is associated with.

What Kind of Travel Experience Can I Expect?

At Kooman Travel we strive to offer travelers itineraries that connect them with organizations or companies who believe travel is not only a getaway, escape or vacation – it is also a life experience. That’s why our partner organizations provide travel experiences that broaden perspective, connect directly with locals, benefit communities, and incorporate volunteerism. Travelers learn through mentorship, and become leaders through authentic relationship building and experiences unique for each itinerary.

How do the travel arrangements work?

We are partnered with amazing international organizations, like Juma’s World in Tanzania and Home of New Beginnings in Thailand. Once you register for a trip, we work as your travel agent, arranging every detail of your trip. We also offer you full travel cancellation insurance and/or medical insurance, and get you exactly where you need to be.

Who will be leading my trip?

Trips to Tanzania and Thailand are currently led by Daniel and Christy Kooman. Nepal itineraries are led by Paul and Lisa Hansen. Team leaders arrange every detail (transit, meals, connections, treks, etc) of your itinerary so your focus can be on the experience and adventure of Transformative Travel.

How does pricing work?

Prices vary depending on time of travel and flight costs, insurance, and any excursions that may be added to an Itinerary. Kooman Travel arranges pricing with our partners across the globe that cover the costs of operation on the ground. Whenever possible, effort is made to inject resources into local communities, programs and projects. Many of our partnerships inject virtually 100% of the ‘on-the-ground fees’ into their programs and the local economy.

How does Payment work?

Payments can be made by e-transfer, online by credit card or PayPal, or by cheque or bank draft. The deadline for final payment is 30 to 45 days prior to departure. Registration ($199-$399) ensures that your place is not taken by another traveler, and is applied directly towards your total trip costs. Bank draft or cheques should be sent to “Kooman Travel” PO Box 33, Black Creek BC, V9J 1K8 (all payments should be made to “Kooman Travel”). Always include your Full Name, and Trip Date as a reference with your payments.

What is Juma’s World?

Juma’s World is a Canadian and US-based charity that has a single mission: to empower one million children to live their best life. In order to achieve this, Juma’s World is working primarily in Tanzania, Africa. Training leaders and young people with a transformative new program, Juma’s World Mentors work in local schools, villages, churches, with elders and within communities. On top of this program, Juma’s World operates Dream Camps, builds water wells and homes for orphans, and is constructing a Dream Center Community that has plans to feature a medical clinic, secondary school, homes for orphans, trade school, business training and much more.

How do I Register for a Trip?

Trip registration for teams or individuals is simple. Pay your deposit online on the appropriate Trip page, or email koomantravel@gmail.com to make arrangements for your Trip.

What Should I Pack?

A full list of required items will be sent to you after registration. This list includes practical requirements and suggestions to enhance your experience from flashlights to granola bars and first aid kits.

How Do I Connect with my Team as an Individual Traveller?

If you plan to travel by yourself, we will connect you with your team at the most practical location. For example, there may be other individuals from your area that are departing on the same dates. If you are traveling with others as a group or team, you may list their names in your registration process so we can ensure you travel together. If you can’t meet up with any travellers until you arrive at your destination, we will arrange for your Host to meet you upon arrival.

What is my Departure City?

Depending on the arrangements made by your Team Leader, flights typically leave from Vancouver, LA or Seattle on the West Coast, or New York on the East Coast. Other travelers that may connect with your team will depart internationally and meet up with your team at your destination. Travel from most any location can be arranged for you by our team at Kooman Travel.

Can I travel somewhere else before or after?

Kooman Travel is happy to make additional flight or connection arrangements for you. Contact us to add travel destinations to your selected itinerary either before the itinerary dates or after. 

If for an unforeseen medical, family or personal reason I cannot travel, what is the cancellation policy?

  • If you choose to purchase our Deluxe Insurance Package for your Trip (the package we highly recommend), and you need to cancel for any reason that is covered by the policy, the covered cost of your Trip will be reimbursed to you in full.

  • If you do not choose Deluxe Insurance and have to cancel for any reason, the total trip payment will be required in full. This includes any flights or deposits that have been purchased.

  • If you cancel before flights and other travel arrangements have been completed, only the Deposit of $199-399 is non-refundable.

*(We highly recommend our Deluxe Insurance Coverage for added protection)

Do I Need Medical Travel Insurance?

Medical travel insurance is required for all bookings. If you already have coverage, simply let us know and provide proof that you have coverage. Because medical costs from unforeseen incidents can be high in foreign countries, medical travel insurance is required for all Kooman Travel itineraries.

Do I Need Malaria Pills or other Medication?

Anti-malarial medication is required on all Africa itineraries. Because of the length of trips, and the heightened risk of contracting Malaria for infrequent visitors, anti-malarial medication must be purchased by all travelers, and is the responsibility of individuals to research and purchase the medication that is best suited for them. At this time, there are 3 anti-malarial prescriptions readily available, all with varying doses and side effects.

Do I Need Immunizations to go on My Trip?

At the time of this writing, yellow fever was no longer required to enter Tanzania or Nepal. However, basic immunizations, such as tetanus, Typhoid fever and Hep A/B are recommended for all itineraries, but not required. We recommend that you research the countries you'll be visiting for accurate up to date information well in advance of your departure.

What Currency is Used There, How Much Should I Bring?

We recommend that travelers limit the amount of cash they carry. Debit or credit cards can be used in ATM’s in any reasonably sized city to access the local currency as needed. Make sure your debit/credit cards are set up for international ATM use, and make sure your credit card company or bank is aware of your travel plans (otherwise some banks may put holds on your accounts). Travelers cheques are no longer common and are NOT recommended, as fewer and fewer banks and merchants still accept them. Because your food/lodging/transport costs are included with the Trip pricing, you will only require personal money for spending on souvenirs, optional excursions and purchases outside of the trip inclusions. So generally speaking you will not require large amounts of cash throughout your itinerary. Other currencies than USD do not receive as favorable an exchange as US funds. $150-$300 USD is a recommended personal amount of cash to bring, but is up to each individual traveler.

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